Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Public Speaking Show and Tell: CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?

One of our lovely mommas, Wendi, is teaching our kids public speaking once a month. [THANK YOU WENDI!] Here's her description for this first class:

Each child should bring something to show and tell the class. This is a simple ice-breaking exercise, but it is a good idea for the child to practice what they want to say a few times at home before class.

--Stand in front of the class, facing the group.
--Use voice volume appropriate for the room. 
--Flexible time with a 2 minute maximum.
--Courteous audience members. 

The goal is to improve each child’s confidence in public presenting, no matter their starting level. 

This class is open to all ages, participants will learn public speaking basics and have a chance to practice their new skills. Children will be expected to come to class prepared to deliver a monthly speaking assignment to the group. Each student will receive positive feedback on their presentation and a suggestion to work on for the next assignment.

Our kids did great! We had a wide range of ages and a wide range of willingness to get in front of a group and speak. It was so cool that each kid participated in one way or another. I tried to get pictures of each speaker, but many turned out blurry so I'm sorry if we didn't get your child speaking.
Waiting to get started and Wendi kicking off the class.
Our first speakers
One of our speakers used notes for her speech. Getting up in front of a group was a first for many of our students. 
One of our youngest speakers and one of our oldest speakers.
A couple speakers were nervous enough that Mom went with to the front of the room.
The speaker under the ! wanted to share the books he brought, but was too nervous to go to the front of the room, so he shared from his seat.
Another before class picture
Another skill worked on in this class was being a good audience for the speakers.
The kids did a fabulous job being respectful listeners.
After class, we head down to the children's section of the Woodburn Public Library and the kids hang, play games, or trade book recommendations
Playing with puzzles together
Our next Public Speaking class is on October 17 and details for the event can be found under our Events Calendar tab above.

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