Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Not Back to School Ice Cream Social 2014

WAHF has not been in existence very long; we're kicking off our 3rd school year of activities. Even with our short lifespan, this year we celebrated our 3rd Not Back to School Ice Cream Social at Centennial Park here in Woodburn. It was so cool to see our group take over the playground.
Kids playing and Mommas talking. We have a wide age range.
Swings are loved by young and old kids.
We started with playing. Next came a group picture:
One of our Mommas, Desiree, took this picture. We have a Senior in high school down to Preschool in our group.
Next came ICE CREAM! Evidence suggests homeschoolers do know how to stand in line even if they don't do it every day at school. 
A couple Mommas supervising the all important ice cream selection. 
Some more waiting for frozen goodies.
One of our Mommas organized a Back to School Scavenger hunt to help the kids mix and mingle and get to know our newer members. There were line items like "Find someone who has a pet snake" or "Find someone with more than 1 sibling". It was great to see how the kids crossed age lines to enage with one another.
Some intense conversations took place.
2 cute little blondies getting to know each other a little better.
One of our Pre-K kids taking this very seriously.
One of our big kids and little kids working together.
And there was plenty of Momma Talking Time.
Our next activity is September 12 at Burlingham Park [follow the Calendar tab above for details]; we're going to play kickball because it NEEDS a group to be played!

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