Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Oregon History Class - September 20

Woodburn Area Homeschool Families has decided to offer an Oregon History class this year. It is from 10:30-11:30a at the Woodburn Public Library and one of our moms [Sara] designed the course and is teaching the big kids. So first off, THANK YOU SARA!!!

Our first Oregon History Class focused on geology and geography. Ages 8 and younger painted salt dough maps and learned about various land forms. The format for the younger kids is just come and learn about that day's topic in Oregon History; no outside homework or prep necessary.

This is our crew of younger kids painting their salt dough forms while another of our awesome moms, Crystal, teaches about mountains and rivers and valleys.

Our older kids listened to Sara while she shared all she learned this summer preparing for this Oregon History class. This class is lecture and discussion and question driven. The kids talked about where they had been in Oregon and how the terrain and weather differed from where we are in the Willamette Valley.  Each student picked something that interested them from that day's lesson to research and come back to class and report what they learned. Questions included: Why is Woodburn called Woodburn? What's in the Willamette Valley soil that makes it so good for growing? How was Oregon formed?

This is Sara teaching the older kids.
The kids are learning to take notes.
April is drawing a rough map of Oregon so the various regions [ie coastal range, WIllamette Valley, Blue Mountains and so on] can be labeled.

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