Friday, June 28, 2013

Our First Annual Geography Fair

We decided to try our hand at a geography fair this year. Here are the guidelines one of our moms found for us. We also used Walking by the Way - Geography Fair November 2011 for ideas, too. In preparing for our exhibit, I found lots of pictures the most helpful, so I've got a bunch to share and mostly are self-explanatory.

We left things very open to each individual family because we have a wide range of ages in our group. This first family had each child do their own country:

French goodies for people to try


The next family is an only child who worked on the project with his mom:

A salt dough map of Egypt 

They also had Egyptian goodies to share along with a "Write Your Name in Hieroglyphs" activity.
The girls who worked on Italy were from 2 separate families:

Silly Girls
Italian yummies
The display for China
Sisters both worked on Germany:

Upper left is about German companies and under that is a bit about German history. The girls decided what to include on this board

We even had a family that didn't have time to work on a country, but wanted to participate. They did a display on volcanoes:

Pre-explosion volcano
Brothers preparing the vinegar and baking soda volcano

The explosion that wowed the kids.
The after shot
Everyone gathered around to watch the volcano show.
We had a lot of fun and several kids are already plotting for next year's Geography Fair. Our goal was to do something in the evening so the fathers could attend and that worked pretty good.

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