Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Public Speaking Show and Tell: CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?

One of our lovely mommas, Wendi, is teaching our kids public speaking once a month. [THANK YOU WENDI!] Here's her description for this first class:

Each child should bring something to show and tell the class. This is a simple ice-breaking exercise, but it is a good idea for the child to practice what they want to say a few times at home before class.

--Stand in front of the class, facing the group.
--Use voice volume appropriate for the room. 
--Flexible time with a 2 minute maximum.
--Courteous audience members. 

The goal is to improve each child’s confidence in public presenting, no matter their starting level. 

This class is open to all ages, participants will learn public speaking basics and have a chance to practice their new skills. Children will be expected to come to class prepared to deliver a monthly speaking assignment to the group. Each student will receive positive feedback on their presentation and a suggestion to work on for the next assignment.

Our kids did great! We had a wide range of ages and a wide range of willingness to get in front of a group and speak. It was so cool that each kid participated in one way or another. I tried to get pictures of each speaker, but many turned out blurry so I'm sorry if we didn't get your child speaking.
Waiting to get started and Wendi kicking off the class.
Our first speakers
One of our speakers used notes for her speech. Getting up in front of a group was a first for many of our students. 
One of our youngest speakers and one of our oldest speakers.
A couple speakers were nervous enough that Mom went with to the front of the room.
The speaker under the ! wanted to share the books he brought, but was too nervous to go to the front of the room, so he shared from his seat.
Another before class picture
Another skill worked on in this class was being a good audience for the speakers.
The kids did a fabulous job being respectful listeners.
After class, we head down to the children's section of the Woodburn Public Library and the kids hang, play games, or trade book recommendations
Playing with puzzles together
Our next Public Speaking class is on October 17 and details for the event can be found under our Events Calendar tab above.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Not Back to School Ice Cream Social 2014

WAHF has not been in existence very long; we're kicking off our 3rd school year of activities. Even with our short lifespan, this year we celebrated our 3rd Not Back to School Ice Cream Social at Centennial Park here in Woodburn. It was so cool to see our group take over the playground.
Kids playing and Mommas talking. We have a wide age range.
Swings are loved by young and old kids.
We started with playing. Next came a group picture:
One of our Mommas, Desiree, took this picture. We have a Senior in high school down to Preschool in our group.
Next came ICE CREAM! Evidence suggests homeschoolers do know how to stand in line even if they don't do it every day at school. 
A couple Mommas supervising the all important ice cream selection. 
Some more waiting for frozen goodies.
One of our Mommas organized a Back to School Scavenger hunt to help the kids mix and mingle and get to know our newer members. There were line items like "Find someone who has a pet snake" or "Find someone with more than 1 sibling". It was great to see how the kids crossed age lines to enage with one another.
Some intense conversations took place.
2 cute little blondies getting to know each other a little better.
One of our Pre-K kids taking this very seriously.
One of our big kids and little kids working together.
And there was plenty of Momma Talking Time.
Our next activity is September 12 at Burlingham Park [follow the Calendar tab above for details]; we're going to play kickball because it NEEDS a group to be played!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Bauman's Farm Pumpkin Patch Field Trip Updated

Just wanted to call attention to the fact that our field trip has been scheduled. You can find details under the event on the calendar [tab above]. If you are on Facebook, you can RSVP there. If you are not on Facebook, and would like to attend, please RSVP with me using nelsonbooklovers at gmail dot com. Thank you!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

2014-15 School Year

We have planned our Friday events through January 2015, and have added a calendar to this blog so people not on Facebook can see what we're up to and join us. I also hope to update the blog each week with pictures and a post after each event. That is the plan, anyway. We're excited to get started on they new year and hope our group will continue to grow.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Artist Study - September 27

Our 3rd Friday class for Woodburn Area Homeschool Families is an art class. This year, Crystal [our awesome mom in charge of art day] decided to expanded beyond just doing an art project. Each lesson will focus on an artist and some facts about that artist followed by an art project based on that artist's style.

Crystal starting out the lesson
The artist for this first lesson was Leonardo DaVinci who had a very realistic style. Crystal shared some facts about him and showed some of his most famous works.

Waiting to get started
Our table of "big girls"
A picture of most of the crew. We're big enough that it's hard to get everyone in one picture!
Listening to Crystal teach about DaVinci
Another listening to Crystal picture

This week's project was to draw a realistic picture. Crystal brought in some books to help the kids brainstorm ideas.

One of our moms [Sara] getting in some more detail with 2 of her boys and the kids at that table.
Crystal brought a coloring page of one of DaVinci's most famous paintings for the little ones to paint if they so chose.

The most important thing is to try and have fun. If realistic isn't your thing, paint something else!

A very serious young artist

More young ones making great effort
One of our older girls painted the clock and wall around it from the room we were in.
The start of a wonderful realistic nature scene.
This became a tulip.
An important part of all of our get-togethers: moms talking!
More tulip
A more completed version of the nature scene
Lots of artistic expression in this one!
While the above artist worked hard to copy the colors from the original Mona Lisa, this artist chose to give that famous painting her own spin.
Working hard on another nature scene.

This artist worked for a while on a flower [which I loved], decided she didn't like it and created something entirely different. 
The clock which I thought was done at this point, but the artist went on to include many details from the wall she painted.
One of our older girls painted a tulip as well.
The kids had a lot of fun, and at least this mom is looking forward to learning more about different artist in the coming year.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Oregon History Class - September 20

Woodburn Area Homeschool Families has decided to offer an Oregon History class this year. It is from 10:30-11:30a at the Woodburn Public Library and one of our moms [Sara] designed the course and is teaching the big kids. So first off, THANK YOU SARA!!!

Our first Oregon History Class focused on geology and geography. Ages 8 and younger painted salt dough maps and learned about various land forms. The format for the younger kids is just come and learn about that day's topic in Oregon History; no outside homework or prep necessary.

This is our crew of younger kids painting their salt dough forms while another of our awesome moms, Crystal, teaches about mountains and rivers and valleys.

Our older kids listened to Sara while she shared all she learned this summer preparing for this Oregon History class. This class is lecture and discussion and question driven. The kids talked about where they had been in Oregon and how the terrain and weather differed from where we are in the Willamette Valley.  Each student picked something that interested them from that day's lesson to research and come back to class and report what they learned. Questions included: Why is Woodburn called Woodburn? What's in the Willamette Valley soil that makes it so good for growing? How was Oregon formed?

This is Sara teaching the older kids.
The kids are learning to take notes.
April is drawing a rough map of Oregon so the various regions [ie coastal range, WIllamette Valley, Blue Mountains and so on] can be labeled.